1. Practical Leadership Skills


MaxPeople is a Management Consultancy focused on enabling individual and organisational change. Training is a significant enabler in this regard.

Competence is a key driver for organisational success.

Knowledge resulting in a behavioural shift aligned with organisational objectives is our key objective.

Simplicity is the key!

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2. Creative Intelligence: Innovative Problem Solving


To teach a practical and innovative problem-solving approach for personal and organisational challenges, based on the inherent creativity that each of us have.


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3. Practical Leadership Skills


To teach solid leadership theory within context and to instil practical leadership techniques and tools that will result in achieving personal, career and organisational goals.


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4. Performance Management Skills


The purpose of this training is to provide you with an understanding of what performance management is, how it affects you and fits into your business, as well as how it can be used to continuously improve individual and organisational performance.


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5. Practical Supervisory Skills


The purpose of this training is to assist supervisors to understand their roles, responsibilities, behaviours, and outputs that they need to exert, as well as to provide them with the insight and tools required to achieve organisational goals.


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6. Organisational Wellness and Climate Workshop


To provide a clear understanding of the organisation’s current wellness state or organisational climate.


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7. Regain your Balance: Discover the Power of your Mind!


To assist individuals to discover the power of their minds and regain balance in their lives.


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