What We Can Offer You

MaxPeople provides to our clients a wealth of seasoned professionals who will provide advice, support and deliverables to address well-defined business and/or management challenges. MaxPeople provides client centred consulting on the following focus areas:

Change mastery is the ability to learn, adapt, and apply ourselves in constantly changing conditions.
Profit is an outcome of smart business design and optimised business performance.
Competent, balanced and supported personnel is a critical success factor for any progressive organisation.
Being people centric, MaxPeople attends to the person as a human being, optimising both person and organisation.  Our leadership, management and personal coaching aims to enable and imbed required behaviour based on common objectives. Our coaching framework is:
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based coaching
  • Outcomes based
  • Counselling (where required)
  • Using a full suite of fit-for-purpose, proprietary, instruments, based on thinking preference and whole brain thinking