There is no one size fits all when an organisation requires fit-for-purpose information. JCC Projects excels in the development, administration and interpretation of organisation and context specific instruments to obtain high quality information from relevant sources.

JCC Projects provides research, research advice and application services on client identified topics.

  • Desktop, academic and good practice research
  • Research, development and administering of questionnaires, as well as the provisioning of structured feedback on aspects such as:
    • Organisational Change Readiness, Climate and Culture
    • Organisational Communication
    • Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction

JCC Projects utilises Neethling Brain Institute (NBI) full suite of instruments, based on thinking preference and whole brain thinking, to benefit both organisation and individual.

NBI instruments that will add immediate value are:

  • The NBI ® General Adult Instruments providing insights in thinking preferences and provides feedback on the individual’s 8 brain dimensions.
  • NBI Skills Profile. The NBI™ instruments identify an individual’s thinking preferences and skills. You may have acquired skills in a particular area that is not really indicative of your brain preference, or you may have a very strong preference in one area but never had the opportunity to develop the corresponding skills. The skills instrument determines in what quadrant of the brain your strongest skills reside.When combined with the NBI™ preference profile a clearer picture emerges – showing not only where the individual SKILLS lie, but also what the individual will ENJOY.
  • NBI Leadership Profile provides an 8-dimensional leadership profile, attending to the goal-driven, appraising, steadfast, hands-on, visionary, innovative, participative and servant leader.
  • NBI Job Profile is a descriptive, non-judgmental assessment with no profile being superior to the other. The NBI Job profile identifies the strengths of the skills needed in every quadrant to do a specific job well. The profile report focuses the specific quadrant scores and makes recommendations based on these scores. Looking at the job description, this instrument can therefore be used to design a profile for a specific job. This profile will indicate which elements of the whole brain are required to do this job optimally.
  • The Organisational Wellness Instrument providing insights in the 10 critical factors essential for success in the 21 Century. These factors are trust, learning, gratification, language, ownership, energy, change, interaction, creativity and innovation, as well as communication.

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